🌸 REVIEW 🌸 | Technic BRONZE & SULTRY Eyeshadow Palettes πŸŒΊ

One of the very few things that I think are better in the UK than in KL is the fact that LOOKING GOOD IS SO GATDAMN AFFORDABLE. Or, if you’re hopeless like me, just looking half decent maybe. Either way, cosmetics are cheap af in London and even drug store brands are worth a try. One of my faves that I fell in love with instantly is Technic Cosmetics – they have an enormous range of items and their products are actually not half bad for the prices! So the other day while I was at Body Care stocking up on cosmetics and skin care products, I picked up a ton of Technic stuff including their Sultry and Bronze eyeshadow palettes, their Ultimate Brow Kit and a cute set of Contour Stix (separate review coming another time as youve probably already seen tons of pics of them on my Instagram 😁).

Without any further ado here are my two new palettes from Technic Costmetics! I’m pretty sure I’ve purchased their Sultry palette before but Bronze  is a new one for me. Unfortunately I can’t remember how much I spent on these babies but they wouldnt have been more than Β£2-4 each because I’m a total cheapskate. I absolutely love their metallic shades, they’re super pigmented and glide on ultra smoothly with or without primer. They have great staying power too! Unfortunately I can’t say the same for their matte shades, they’re not as pigmented, don’t glide on as effortlessly and don’t stay on for long either. Even with primer! Here are some swatches for you!

These are from the Sultry palette. The first two shades are too light for my skin tone (although the admittedly the inside of my arm is not really representative of my overall coloration – thankfully I’m a bit browner everywhere else!) The matte brown shade second from the top actually shows up pretty well in this picture, but it’s mostly because my brush was slightly wet because I had wiped it on a facial wipe to remove the glittery pigment from the previous shade I was sampling. Still, very nice colours though and I’m not a huge fan of matte shadows anyway so I’m happy! 

THE BRONZE PALETTE THO. YAAASSS JUST YAAASSS. DEM PIGMENTS. DEM HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWS. “100” emoji all the way!! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―  Super creamy, super smooth and super sparkly and just everything you’d expect from a high end designer brand. At the moment it’s 4pm, and I’ve been wearing this palette since morning, and it still looks pristine ! No primer or setting spray needed!

I look so tired omg NO BUT LOOK AT THE MAKEUP


So yeah, the Technic eyeshadow palettes get a 6.5/10 and 8/10 for the Sultry and Bronze palettes respectively. I’m not a massive fan of the shades in the Sultry palette as two of the colours are way too light for me and their matte shades, one creamy yellow and the other a reddish brown, weren’t very pigmented and didn’t go on very smoothly. However I absolutely love all the colours in the Bronze palette, they compliment each other very well and blend seamlessly – In the picture I’m wearing three different colours on my lids and the matte brown on my lower lash line, where you can see its faded in some places. Would defo get the Bronze palette again!

Anyways, enjoy some pictures of my Ultimate Brow Kit and Contour Stix and I’ll be back soon to review them! Later taterz πŸ˜‹