Where I’m At

Hay gais!

So I’ve been super busy moving in and starting my second semester at uni, and now before I knew it I’m already closer to the end of the semester than the start! I’d like to say it’s been super eventful and a ton of fun, but it’s been pretty quiet around here lately especially since I’ve moved to a much nicer part of town (probably the nicest part of town where all the hotels and casinos are!). I had a few ups and downs returning to London from KL and experienced what is described as Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD lmao) which is basically a bout of depression that tends to hit in the winter months due to seasonal factors such as shortening daylight hours and whatever else. I was actually super down the past month or so since I got back from warm and sunny KL, which seems about normal when I read up on the symptoms… Anyways I feel a lot better now that I actually know what was wrong with me, because initially I thought it was actual depression coming back (I was afflicted with a pretty serious case of depression many years ago and I barely made it out alive) and it just made me feel scared and helpless because of how fucking terrible it was the first time. Luckily there are a few things that can help with SAD, such as daylight therapy lamps that basically shine a super bright light meant to emulate daylight and it’s supposed to trick your hormones into forgetting everything is cold and grey and yucky!

To be fair though, it hasn’t been all that cold and grey and yucky and now that I’m living on the 10th floor I get a fair amount of sunlight even on the days I just lounge around in bed all day hehe. There’s also an awesome little gym on the ground floor which I LOVE, and now I’m hellbent on losing those last few kilos on my road to 45kg (which, I’ll say it again, is a perfectly healthy and normal weight for my height).

What else is new… Oh yeah, I started an online shop called Moonlit Creatures! Caution, this shop is for cute witches and bad bitches ONLY, but feel free to clicky click if you aspire to be at least one of those things. I’ve been having fun making jewelry and although it’s only been open a couple of weeks, I’ve already received nearly 200 likes on the Facebook page, 2300+ followers on Instagram (and counting — I gain about 700 followers a week!) and generated a fair number of local and international sales despite January being the absolute worst month for shopping! So I’m feeling very positive and optimistic!

Here are a few of my fave items from the store!





Making jewelry has been super soothing for me and helps keep me calm, plus I’ve always enjoyed running online stores and it’s probably gonna be good for my CV! I have a lot of time on my hands anyways seeing as I only go to uni a couple times a week because apparently its a thing to pay £11,000 for eight days or learning per month… Anyways. All in all I’m feeling slightly more positive about things than I was like a week ago and I’m quite sure things will start looking even better once the weather warms up a bit PLUS I’m looking forward to my visit back home (again) next month! Let’s just hope I don’t turn up so hard I end up in hospital again!

So that’s about it for now, but you know I never like to end a blog post without giving you guys a little somethin’ somethin’ for reading! So today I’m giving you 10% off Moonlit Creatures when you enter the code CREATURES at checkout! Don’t forget to like and follow on Instagram (@moonlitcreatures) and Facebook (Moonlit Creatures) for more exclusive discount codes and flash sales! Worldwide shipping is flat rate (£3.75) and UK shipping is completely free! You also get free worldwide shipping and a freebie with every £15 purchase because that’s just how cool I am. And now it’s time for me to get back to my fluffy duvet and binge watch Ghost Hunters until I fall asleep. Bye betches!


Shop Emmin Review

So guise I’m gonna be posting reviews right away! Today I’ll be reviewing Shop Emmin, a delightful little store based in the UK for chic accessories and the like. They recently sent me some gorgeous faux septum rings which I absolutely just fell in love with! I’m not usually one for accessories myself but these babies are to die for! Oh, and did I mention they ship worldwide? Gotta love that international shipping!

I have such a serious need for like, ALL THOSE CASES lbr

If you click on the link I provided earlier you’ll be taken to their online store where you’ll find a variety of seriously trendy accessories, including the ever popular Dakota Marble Effect Phone Case… Another reason why I CRI because I don’t have an iPhone and probably never will because my Android-loyal boyfriend would disown me IMMEDIATELY. However I’m happy enough with my three gorgeous septum rings huehue. Their phone cases range between £4-£6 and if you ask me that’s a bargain! I will be eternally grateful when they start producing covers for the Samsung Galaxy, but for now I’ll just have to leave the cute cases for you Apple types.

Too cute! Pria septum ring in copper, and Zoa septum rings in gold and silver!

On to my super adorable faux septum rings that I mentioned earlier! Look how pretty they are! I’m actually surprised at how quality they are too, I’ve had them for a couple weeks now and they haven’t broken or chipped or anything! The copper Pria septum ring is embedded with several diamente rhinestones, which you would normally expect to fall off within like 0.3 seconds but they’ve been intact all this while. They’re pretty comfy to wear too! You can shop these gorgeous faux septum rings and many more designs at Shop Emmin, but you might want to act fast because they’re selling out so so quick and you honestly don’t want to miss out! In addition to iPhone cases and faux septum rings they also have makeup brushes, metallic temporary tattoos and a few more goodies that I’m gonna leave you guys to find out for yourselves.

The cherry on top? I have a special discount code for you (; Quote “cyberxkitten” at checkout to receive a special secret discount just for you! Hurry though, stocks are limited! Oh, and don’t forget to check out their Instagram where they are currently hosting a giveaway so you don’t even have to pay to get your hands on these lush items!