My Neighbour Omfg…

I don’t even know where to start with this one, so I’ll try and start from the beginning. None of my friends even know the whole story yet because this is so FUCKING LONG, so here it is gais!

Basically I moved into Wenlock Court about 3 months ago and this bitch moved in next door around the same time. Right from the start she was making noise at night, screaming with her friends and slamming every single door within reach. This would keep me up until 4 or 5 in the morning… Not ideal. So I started calling security on her and lodging complaints at the main reception.

I think she had like 5 or 6 complaints and reports against her within the first month. She made absolutely no effort to keep it down whatsoever to the point where I now know every single mundane detail of her life because I can hear every single conversation. At one point she was even involved in a terrifying physical altercation with another girl in her room and I could hear beating and screaming sounds. One night I called security as usual, and she and her friends were caught smoking weed. I thought for sure that would be the end of it, but she was issued a £500 fine and nothing else was done to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the room I had already paid for, a year in advance. I am NOT a happy customer.

Let me just say that I have trouble sleeping. I always have. If I’m woken up even once that’s it… No more sleep for me. Her keeping me up at night means I get 3-4 hours a sleep per night, and I literally have not had ONE full night of sleep since I moved in. Not one. Just let that sink in for a minute. Imagine having one night of shitty sleep and how that affects your entire day. Multiply that by roughly 90.

Anyway, one night I woke up at around 5am because her friends were banging on her door for like 10 minutes straight, so I opened my door and was like “Hey guys could you maybe keep it down (:” and this MASSIVE SEA MAMMAL started stomping towards me yelling at me asking why I was complaining and what my problem was (I thought I had made my problem pretty clear, but these people are DENSE AS FUCK) and then interrogated me as to what my name was, what I was studying etc all the while trying to shove her way into my room. I tried to close the door on her and she pushed it open and continued to abuse me until someone else pulled her away.

Obviously the following night was noisy as well. So I called security for what seemed to be the millionth time. They weren’t very happy about that, and started banging on my door screaming at me and basically abusing me because they couldn’t comprehend why someone would call security on such nice reasonable people. The security guard was completely useless and did nothing to help me, not even when they demanded he use his master key to open my door.

This was about 3 weeks ago. Since then I contacted the student halls manager, the student adjudication team from the uni and the duty manager regarding my situation and it’s taking them forever to deal with it. Apparently this is because it’s part of a “wider investigation” and I’m not the only person complaining about her so they’re trying to compile all the complaints I guess.

Anyway. Last week she basically LOST. HER. W H O L E. SHIT.

At around 9 in the evening I was on Skype with Marie when all of a sudden my neighbour and her friends exploded out of her room and literally started shrieking down the hallway, banging on all the doors and freaking the FUCK OUT because someone (me hehe) had left a  note earlier about them being too primitive to know how to operate a door. A couple of people opened their doors to them but shut them immediately when they found a herd of fucking walruses outside in bath robes. I knew they only wanted to get to me though, but I called security instead and meanwhile recorded their hysterical screaming on my phone. Security arrived about 30 seconds later and my neighbour immediately honed in on him, all like “Omg you need to open her door NOW, she’s PASSED OUT in there WE NEED TO SAVE HER LAWD HAVE MERCY” and the security guard, acting on impulse, opened my door and she just BARGED RIGHT IN and I was like “Bitch wtf??”. When the guard heard me he pushed her aside to get to me first and I demanded to know what was going on. Fatty was all “Omg I was so worried about you, I thought you had passed out in there are you okay omg” I was just like “Really.” and played back the recording of her trying to break my door down from just 5 seconds before. Her face pretty much went white and she just turned away and walked off.

Can I just? How the fuck would you know if someone has passed out in ANOTHER ROOM? ALSO I was speaking on Skype and you can hear me talking through the door. 10000% LIE and she had to pick the stupidest lie in the world to gain illegal access to my room.

Anyway, I was escorted to emergency accommodation IN ANOTHER BUILDING because they feared for my safety, I called the cops who came the next day (they found her and a guy smoking weed in her room) and yesterday I got a call from Jon (the guy from uni who is handling my case) being vaguely cryptic, saying he couldn’t give me too much information but “the thing we really want to happen is happening this evening, you shouldn’t have to suffer like this anymore after tonight”. I’m really hoping this means she’s getting evicted or even expelled from uni.

I haven’t heard from anyone since yesterday so I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what’s happening to her, but she’s in there right now banging and slamming about more than usual so I’m hoping she’s packing her drug abuse paraphernalia and getting the fuck out of here very soon *cry-laughing emoji*


Shop Emmin Review

So guise I’m gonna be posting reviews right away! Today I’ll be reviewing Shop Emmin, a delightful little store based in the UK for chic accessories and the like. They recently sent me some gorgeous faux septum rings which I absolutely just fell in love with! I’m not usually one for accessories myself but these babies are to die for! Oh, and did I mention they ship worldwide? Gotta love that international shipping!

I have such a serious need for like, ALL THOSE CASES lbr

If you click on the link I provided earlier you’ll be taken to their online store where you’ll find a variety of seriously trendy accessories, including the ever popular Dakota Marble Effect Phone Case… Another reason why I CRI because I don’t have an iPhone and probably never will because my Android-loyal boyfriend would disown me IMMEDIATELY. However I’m happy enough with my three gorgeous septum rings huehue. Their phone cases range between £4-£6 and if you ask me that’s a bargain! I will be eternally grateful when they start producing covers for the Samsung Galaxy, but for now I’ll just have to leave the cute cases for you Apple types.

Too cute! Pria septum ring in copper, and Zoa septum rings in gold and silver!

On to my super adorable faux septum rings that I mentioned earlier! Look how pretty they are! I’m actually surprised at how quality they are too, I’ve had them for a couple weeks now and they haven’t broken or chipped or anything! The copper Pria septum ring is embedded with several diamente rhinestones, which you would normally expect to fall off within like 0.3 seconds but they’ve been intact all this while. They’re pretty comfy to wear too! You can shop these gorgeous faux septum rings and many more designs at Shop Emmin, but you might want to act fast because they’re selling out so so quick and you honestly don’t want to miss out! In addition to iPhone cases and faux septum rings they also have makeup brushes, metallic temporary tattoos and a few more goodies that I’m gonna leave you guys to find out for yourselves.

The cherry on top? I have a special discount code for you (; Quote “cyberxkitten” at checkout to receive a special secret discount just for you! Hurry though, stocks are limited! Oh, and don’t forget to check out their Instagram where they are currently hosting a giveaway so you don’t even have to pay to get your hands on these lush items!



Hi Guise!!!

Smiling is hard for me

Hi hi hi! I was asked by one of my Instagram sponsors if I would consider starting a blog where I can do full product reviews, gave it some thought and so I’m trying it out to see how it goes! My blog layout is currently nowhere near satisfactory, but I’m excited to start posting while I work on making my actual blog a bit more user friendly.

So just for those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Anna and I’m a marketing student living in London. I’m originally from Kuala Lumpur (lovingly referred to as KL) and I’ll be headed back there in just over a week for the Christmas break. I was hoping to bring my boyfriend back with me but he’s going to spend Christmas in Germany with his family, so I’m just looking forward to the sun and warmth of the tropics and the familiar company of my friends. We will be celebrating a super early Christmas next weekend though, so we can at least spend our first Christmas together! I’m currently in my first semester of my Marketing course and I’m really hoping I do well! I’ve already had one exam, worth 40% of my final grade for this semester, and I got an A. First A since high school?! I kinda messed up in college, but I’m gonna be doing a LOT better this time round in uni! I have another exam in a few days so I’ll be spending that time studying so I can go home with awesome results (and a sweet uni sweatshirt).

Anyways, there really isn’t much else to me. I like cardio, but I love pizza way more… I spend a lot of time lamenting that my nails are too fragile and even more time wondering if I will ever hit my goal weight (45kg — That might sound way too low but at 5ft nothing that’s just about ideal). I also have a million unwarranted opinions and a pet lizard named Beady, who turned three this spring… That’s about it! I hope you guys will enjoy my reviews and day to day ramblings!

Today is one of those days I get to stay at home and do nothing, but choose to stay at home and do all the things!!