Ciate Mini Mani Advent | A Nailart Tip!

Oh. My. GOSH. U GUISE. Today I picked up the Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent calendar at TK Maxx for only ¬£10! That’s a whole TWO DOZEN, TWENTY FOUR bottles of nail lacquer and assorted nail art supplies for only ¬£10! I couldn’t believe my luck, the box was a bit beat up and I’m pretty sure I got the only box that didn’t already have half the windows ripped open because people are fucking SAVAGES, but hey, whatevs. I’m good.

So obviously I’m gonna be showing off my haul huehue. I’ve always loved Ciate lacquers and I’d get them from Sephora back in KL, but they cost SO MUCH so I pretty much feel like I’ve just won the lottery right now! Anyways! Here we have the box that contains the advent calendar. It’s pretty plain but definitely¬†festive!


Upon opening the box you’ll find the cute little windows leading up to the little trasures inside. Since Christmas came and went ages ago I decided to just dig in instead of being patient cos ain’t nobadi got time fo dat. But first here’s a look at the back of the box! It shows the 11 guaranteed shades you’ll get plus 13 mystery shades, pretty exciting!


And here’s what the inside looks like! Too cute!


After manually ripping into some of the windows I decided it might just be easier to pop the tab off at the top of each of the sides of the box and pull out the plastic tray that holds the bottles so I didn’t have to open every single window… I’m impatient like that. But there are some nail care tips you don’t wanna miss printed on the inside of the windows!



Those are two of my favourite shades, by the way! The pink glitter shade is Naughty Or Nice and the blue one is called Rollercoaster. And now for the shots everyone has been waiting for! I couldn’t even fit my entire haul in one picture, but just look at these beauties!!



Not only did I get nail lacquer, I also got a bottle of Christmas Tree Caviar Pearls, Jingle Belle Glitter, Miss Mistletoe Sequins, Concrete Base Coat, Black Light Top Coat and Underwear Base Coat. Pictured below are some of my faves!

From Left: Miss Mistletoe Sequins, Jingle Belle Glitter and Butterscotch Lacquer
Rollercoaster, Naughty Or Nice and Blizzard lacquers!

So as you can probably tell I’m still stuck in second grade and I’m way into glitter polishes, and, if you’ve ever had three coats of glitter¬†on your nails, you know how¬†much of a pain in the ass¬†it is to remove! BUT NEVER FEAR, I now have the solution to all your sparkly worries! For super quick and simple removal of glitter lacquer, all you need is some cotton and nail polish remover (obvs) and some tin foil. Tear the cotton into halves lengthwise, soak the pieces in nail polish remover and wrap each piece around your nails. Wrap tin foil around them to keep them in place and prevent them from drying out. Leave for 2-4 minutes, firmly press down on your nail while pulling the cotton and foil and the glitter polish should just slide off! I know it sounds too good to be true, but I’ve done this tons of times and now you no longer need to rip your nails off trying to remove sparkles. You’re super welcome.

Anyways, here are a couple more honorable mentions that I’m actually very happy with. I’m not crazy about the colours in the Christmas Tree Caviar Pearls, but since I’m a sucker for cool textures I’m gonna have to give them a go at some point! I’m also looking forward to trying the Concrete Base Coat, which has little ¬†white grains in it that’s meant to look killer¬†under a matte neutral shade, such as grey or nude.



At some point I’m gonna see if I can get my boyfriend to take me to TK Maxx again so I can pick up more of these boxes so I can do a giveaway! And maybe I’ll make a post of all the nailart designs I can come up with with the shades that came in my Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent.

In other news, I can’t actually believe I currently weigh 49.2kg when I was close to 52kg before I went back to KL 2 or 3 weeks ago. I thought for sure I’d have gained a ton of weight since going home and eating all the super lemak food my grandma made but I guess I’ve been lucky! Still hoping to reach my goal of 45kg before my birthday in February though, and today I received a parcel from Pretty Little Thing that I’m gonna open as a gift to myself when I lose my next 2 or 3kg. Anyways, as always, thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoy my ramblings! I assume you do otherwise you wouldn’t have made it all the way to the end of my post hehehehe.

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Wotofo Phantom Mod Review!

Hi bbs! So I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m pretty into the vape scene especially on Instagram, where I run a vape page and promote vape related products such as juice and accessories (still waiting for¬†someone to send me some hardware to review or promote huehue). Before Christmas I got myself the Wotofo Phantom mech mod as a little present to myself and a few people have been asking for a review, so here it is! Sorry it’s taken way longer than it should have, but I hope it’s useful!

So I got my lovely little Wotofo Phantom¬†for ¬£29.99 ¬†from Evolution Vaping. Great customer service, nice range of products and super fast shipping! I mean FAST! I’ve ordered from them twice and both times I was amazed at how quickly my purchases arrived! The Wotofo Phantom comes in 5 finishes: white, Tiffany blue, black, copper and steel. It was hard for me to decide between the Tiffany blue and white but I eventually decided on white since it’s easier to match with other colours hehe.


At first glance this mod is just plain gorgeous. A sleek, matte white finish with the Phantom design on the firing pin — I fell in love instantly and had to get it! Upon receiving my mod I was very pleasantly surprised with its quality — For under ¬£30 this is a super luxe item! Good weight, beautiful finish and comes with so many extras, very very well packaged in this cool little box.


Now those extras I mentioned… Forrealllzzz guys I am so impressed! The set came with two top caps, hybrid and standard (for mech noobs like myself, hybrid mode¬†can be¬†pretty volatile and I should warn you that when you unpack your mod it comes with the hybrid top cap already on. Switch to the standard top cap if you’re unsure!); two 24K GOLD PLATED springs (with different stiffness levels, the harder one is pre installed but you can switch it out easily if you prefer a more springy firing pin like I do); a spare floating pin, a spare delrin insulator, a Wotofo polishing cloth and a card of authenticity as well as the mod and firing pin.

Can I just digress for a minute and talk about the 24K GOLD PLATED SPRINGS?! And the RHODIUM PLATED FLOATING PINS??? These are high end materials guys. Definitely not something you expect to get with a £30 mod. The Wotofo Phantom is marketed as a beginner mod but seriously. These are some TOP DOLLAR MATERIALS.

In the photo below you can see the extras I received, with the hybrid top cap featured because I am currently using the standard top cap.


So as you can probably tell I’m pretty much blown away by how much I got for under ¬£30. Moving on to whether or not it actually works! I’m actually very happy for the adjustable floating pin, because the one on my Royal Hunter RDA makes the center pin go all wonky so I prefer not to touch that. However it can be somewhat temperamental, it won’t fire if the top cap is screwed in too tightly so you might have to jiggle it¬†around to get a good fit. Other than that it hits like a freight train and paired with my Tiffany blue Royal Hunter (which I also got from Evolution Vaping) it gives great cloud and flavor¬†production.

I had a couple people warn me that white might discolour easily, but I’ve had it for a good 2 or 3 weeks now and although it does stain pretty easy if I’ve got makeup on my hands, all I have to do is wipe it off and it’s as good as new. It’s still as white as it was when I first got it. My brother told me to expect staining if i get juice on it, but I didn’t experience any staining of the sort. I did see some pictures on Instagram of a black Wotofo Phantom with some paint chipped off, so the first thing I did when I got it was kinda scratch at a hidden surface to see if it would ruin the finish, but it displayed no signs of wear then and still hasn’t now. Mind you I don’t take my mod out with me, I prefer to leave it at home and take my Snow Wolf and Horizon Arctic tank for outings, but still, pretty impressive. Just don’t drop your mod and keep it safe in a pouch or case when you take it out and you should be golden!

One¬†thing I’d just like to mention as a side note is, when I received my mod there was a teeny tiny case of unevenness in the finish at the edge of the top cap and a little chip on the edge that meets with the firing pin. I can’t get a good picture of these¬†because the discrepancies are so minute, but really this is a very very small detail, not a big deal at all and the finish has remained as it was up to today. Definitely durable and they probably occurred during production, which is fair enough when you get a product that is mass produced.

All in all I’m extremely happy with my purchase. This mod receives a 9/10 mark from me, the only reason I’m not giving it a full 10 is due to the minor discrepancies in the finish¬†which you can’t even see in the pictures. The biggest plus point for me is all the spares and extras I got with my mod, and it’s just a beautiful simple mod all around. I’m super happy with how it looks and feels paired with my Royal Hunter. An absolutely gorgeous setup wouldn’t you agree?


So there you have my first ever full length vape review. I hope I did alright! Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything you’d like me to add. I’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve had any experience with this mod so feel free to leave a comment!

I’m currently¬†dripping Bear Claw by¬†DRPN Donuts, with WatacloudCandy wick and Tradition Vapes Quad Twisted premade coils. I currently work alongside¬†the above brands and I just want to say thank you to them for being a pleasure to work with and for providing me with such awesome stuff! Thanks for reading guys! Have some pictures of the items I mentioned above, they’re all definitely worth the investment so you should check out the links I provided if you’re into some great vape essentials!

CYMERA_20151102_092351 CYMERA_20151220_083216



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If Anyone’s Wondering Why I Haven’t Really Been Myself Lately…

…It’s probably because I kinda lost myself a while ago. I’ve been through a lot of changes in the past couple years – I would binge eat, then I would starve myself. I was fat, then I was fit. I would party all night, then I would study all night. I was super single, then I was super taken. I wore barely any clothes and then I wore more¬†clothes than I was comfortable in. I finally graduated from college with a Graphic Design diploma only to switch over to Marketing in uni. I gave up drawing porn for money (yep) to open an online store and then got bored of that and started a personal brand on Instagram and now that that’s peaking I’ve decided to start a blog. One minute I was hot, one minute I was cold and the next minute I was burned out. Sometimes I’m a dick and sometimes I’ll buy you lunch.

I think one thing that changed me for the better was starting a healthier lifestyle earlier this year. I stopped eating trash (in some cases quite literally) and started working out. I watched my stamina quadruple and my body improve Рat first I struggled to jog 2.5km at a 7km/h pace, and at my peak I was able to run 5km at a 14km/h pace. I did lose a fair amount of weight because of it and I felt empowered by the control I gained over my body and mind.

At 59kg on the left and 49kg on the right!

Unfortunately it got to the point where I kinda didn’t recognize myself anymore. At first I’d see myself in pictures and think “Well that doesn’t really look like me… Lemme take another #selfie”. And then I’d walk past¬†a reflective surface and be like “Lol that chick is wearing the same outfit as me… Wait”. I’d see myself in Skype calls and get really confused, because the live video stream of myself wasn’t the me I knew. My face had changed dramatically (you can probably see for yourself in the picture above) and I literally didn’t recognize the person I was looking at, and this kinda got me super distressed.

I guess once I stopped being able to recognize my face I kinda started grasping at straws to find a mask that was somewhat similar to the person I was familiar with. I jumped from one identity to another, tried on a few different personalities while I was at it. I started multiple Instagram accounts and conveyed different sides of myself on all of them hoping to find one that would “fit” (I didn’t, and now just manage two, hazekitten and cyberxkitten).

It’s been roughly 6 or 7 months now since I realized I no longer knew myself. And even worse, I no longer knew who I wanted to be. I don’t know how I want to dress, I don’t know how I want to cut my hair, I don’t know how I wan to wear my makeup and I don’t know how I want to speak. I’m very uncomfortable in my own skin at the moment.

But I’m coming to terms with this and trying to tell myself that it’s okay. I don’t have to be the same thing every day. It’s fine if I want to be a different person every week and it’s fine if I want to be loud and crass in the a.m.¬†and meek and studious¬†in the p.m.

I don’t normally buy into this New Year, New Me bullshit but I’m hoping in 2016 I regain a bit more of that control I had before. I’m hoping to get to know myself again, once I’ve decided to stop being more than one person. And if I don’t ever decide to stop I guess that’s cool too. I’ll just be all the things I want to be, whenever I want to be them. I’ll just be and not worry about what thing I’m being.

I’m not being fake – I know I probably come across fake – I’m being as genuine as possible by not just being one thing because I guess that just isn’t me at this point in time.

Special thanks to my boyfriend for putting up with my constant freakouts over who to be on any given day, and loving all the people I identify as. And also to my closest friends for never questioning me even though I can tell they probably think I’m being weird at times.

Lonely Magpie Haul!

Hi everyone! ¬†I can’t believe how quickly my time in KL has flown and just tomorrow I’ll be heading back to London! On one hand I’m looking forward to seeing my boyfriend again, but on the other hand I’m really gonna be missing the warmth and familiarity of this place. Anyways!

Today I’m reviewing one of my favourite jewelry stores Lonely Magpie. They specialize in gorgeous whimsical creations like the ones I’ll be showing you in a minute! I have plenty of their¬†charm chokers, but they do have some other items as well such as necklaces, rings and anklets. I’m gonna be talking about their chokers because within the first month of discovering Lonely Magpie I already have like… Idk at least 5 or 6 of their chokers hehe.


The first one I bought from them is their Rose Quartz Arrowhead choker with an Ohm charm (¬£3.99). The charms are interchangeable and you can choose from a variety of cute knick knacks to accompany your pendant. I’m a huge sucker for rose quartz so I was particularly enamoured by this design!


I also got Rose Quartz Heart choker and a pretty little crescent moon charm on an adjustable pink cord. Once again I chose from a selection of charms to put on my pink choker, and I was very happy with the variety they provided!

One thing I have to say though, while¬†these chokers can withstand every day wear, they’re pretty delicate. For example¬†the link on my Rose Quartz Arrowhead pendant has gotten caught on my clothes a couple of times and opened up, causing my pendant to fall off… Luckily I managed to save¬†it every time and reattaching it to the cord isn’t too difficult since the metal used for the link is quite soft and malleable.

Pleased with my first order, I posted a few pictures on Instagram because I was told I could get a ¬£5 voucher for my next order if they reposted my picture on their page, which to my surprise they did! You’re probably thinking ¬£5 isn’t a lot, but with many of their chokers available for a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal and most of them costing only between ¬£2 and ¬£4 you can actually do a lot with it! The moment I received my ¬£5 discount code I pretty much immediately ordered another batch of chokers. Here they are!


I’m particularly pleased with these babies! The three charm chokers I purchased with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal and I have to say they’re absolutely adorable! Perfect little stocking stuffers, I got the Lotus one for myself and the Saturn and Moon & Star ones for Marie and Ruby. They’re all on adjustable cords. The¬†Blue¬†Goldstone¬†pendant is especially beautiful, I love the little sparkles within the gem and they’re very reflective! It’s my current day to day choker, I love it to death!

CYMERA_20151117_123506What else do I have to say about Lonely Magpie… Like I said, they have a great selection and definitely something for everyone. I especially love the ethereal element they put into their collections as that is what drew me to their store in the first place! I can tell their products are made with love and they love their customers as well, offering every returning customer a 10% discount code that comes with their parcels. Their parcels themselves are very nicely packaged, sadly I don’t have any pictures but believe me when I say I’ll give them a A for presentation! Let’s not forget the Free UK Shipping, which is something I LIVE for since I moved to London! I’m definitely looking forward to shopping at Lonely Magpie again and I’m very happy they allowed me to publish this article on them because it’s an absolute honour to have such lovely content on my blog¬†thanks to them!

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🌸 A Common Beauty Mistake You Might Be Making | Korean Face Mask Review 🌸

Hi guys! After three months in the cold, dry London air (and one night of super heavy drinking at Changkat with Marie) my skin was looking a bit dull and lackluster, so the moment I got the chance in KL I picked up Hold Me Tight (a lifting and firming mask) and Miss Invisible Pore (a pore tightening mask) from the Korean brand Faith in Face. There was also a whitening mask available, but since I’m not interested in looking pale I gave that a pass. These masks are¬†pretty pricey, but I was willing to pay a little bit extra for the quality! And as a marketing student I’m a sucker for cute packaging. Faith in Face¬†masks are paraben free, with no added mineral oil and free from animal testing! Yay!

The packs are pretty text heavy, which I like because I’m always up for a few extra tips and tricks. Thanks for the advice, Betty!


So tonight I washed all my makeup off and now I’ve got Hold Me Tight on my face. Just FYI, Faith in Face specializes in hydrogel masks, which are a bit¬†different from fabric sheet masks in the sense that they’re meant to be a whole lot more nourishing¬†and moisturizing, and they’re also a whole lot more squishy and stretchy which makes them pretty fun to play with! They have very soft jelly-like consistency which is super¬†soothing on the skin. ¬†Some of the key ingredients in Hold Me Tight include:

  • Copper Tripeptide – Known to liven and firm the skin without irritation
  • Rooibos Extract and Red Ginseng Extract – Popular Korean ingredients known to reduce stress and improve firmness in skin
  • Adenosine – Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

The mask itself comes in two pieces РOne covers the top half of your face and the other piece goes over your jawline, chin and lips. Pretty convenient if you ask me. The mask halves come fully enveloped in protective film for ease of application!


It took me a little while to get these on my face, but I eventually managed without too much hassle! I’m not gonna post any face mask selfies because I happen to find those pretty creepy and all round unflattering.¬†Anyways!

So about that one big mistake you’re probably making with your face masks… Typically you’re meant to leave them on for 20-30 minutes. A lot of the time I find myself leaving my masks on for way longer, cos like, that probably gives you better results, right? Super wrong. I’ve found that leaving your face mask on for longer than 30 minutes can trap bacteria under your mask and cause you to break out! Make sure to remove your mask about 25 minutes in to avoid acne, ain’t nobody got time fo dat. Life is hard as it is I know u hear me.

Here’s a close up of the back of the pack for you to read while I remove my mask.


Normally I wash my face off with water after removing a mask because I feel kinda¬†sticky and gross, but Hold Me Tight leaves a silky smooth residue that my skin¬†absorbed almost right away, so I’m leaving it on overnight! I’m not feeling any immediate tightening effects, but being in my 20s my skin isn’t all that saggy anyways. I do feel refreshed and my face does feel somewhat hydrated though! I’ll check in again in the morning to let you guys know if the bounce factor has improved. Night night!

EDIT// Oh. My. GOD. YOU GUYS MY FACE IS SO SMOOTH AND FIRM. I went to bed like “Nahh lmao this isn’t gonna do shit” but omg when I woke up this morning my skin is super taut and bouncy. I couldn’t stop touching my face all day! It’s nearly 9pm now and my skin still feels refreshed and soft.¬†I’m very happy to report this product lives up to my expectations and I can’t wait to try Miss Invisible Pore! If it works as well as Hold Me Tight I’ll definitely be stocking up on Faith in Face products before I head back to London. You can get these at most leading pharmacies, I got mine at Watson’s for aroud RM10!


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Oh Weekend Review & Discount Code!


0w3Hey guys! I’ve got another discount code for you! Recently I got picked to promote the super chic Oh Weekend store. I’m absolutely dying to receive my welcome pack (the contents are a mystery to me at the moment but I honestly can’t wait to get it! I’m definitely making another post to show off my welcome goodies when I do receive them!) but I thought I’d start by telling you guys a bit more about my new favourite store! Keep reading to find my special discount code just for you at the end of my post (;

Oh Weekend is based in the UK, and they ship worldwide for under ¬£5! They’ve got a wide variety of lush apparel like the Oxblood Velvet Bomber Jacket¬†(¬£18) you see above, which also comes in black. Absolutely gorgeous! Most of their items are a steal at down low prices under ¬£20 or even under ¬£15, like my personal favourite the Lace Bralette in black, which you can get at an incredible ¬£10!



Most of the items over at Oh Weekend are pretty versatile, you can take them from day to night to almost any occasion in between! Lavish luxury at seriously affordable prices is a rarity when it comes to online stores, but Oh Weekend’s got you¬†covered. They’ve got co-ords, crop tops, coats, jackets, dresses, tops and many more! Did I mention they offer free shipping within the UK?! I’m actually very impressed at the wide selection found on their store and I look forward to seeing more. If only they had a section for bags and accessories! But I’m sure they’ll look into that at some point (;


Here’s a list of my favourite things about Oh Weekend!

  • Gorgeous selection of seriously chic attire. Such vogue, very style. I would wear the fuck out of ALL OF THEIR CLOTHING LET ME TELL U
  • Their prices are very reasonable for such high quality apparel! I mean this is the kind of stuff you would normally have to pay ¬£40 or ¬£50 for from a high street label!
  • These clothes look great on their own and even better layered with other items from your closet! It can be difficult creating a comprehensive look some days, but Oh Weekend provides effortless style and while staying kind to your wallet.
  • Oh Weekend couture is sooo versatile. I’m the kind of person who will wear the same thing every single day because I cbf to coordinate, but with Oh Weekend’s lush looks you could take your #ootd from weekend brunch to dinner and drinks easy peas!
  • Free UK shipping and worldwide flat rate shipping. Can you beat that?! Once again. Flat rate. Worldwide. Shipping. For under ¬£5 you can have your parcel of happiness delivered delivered right to your doorstep wherever you are in the world!


So there you have it guys, and before you thank me for finding your new fave, I have just one more thing for you. If you’re still not convinced, I’m gonna give you a whopping 20% off your whole purchase at Oh Weekend.¬†Use the code “KITTEN20” at checkout to redeem your discount! This code is only up for a limited amount of time so hurry on over to their store if you don’t want to miss out! Once you’ve used it though, you can continue to use it. Forever. FOREVER GUYS. Oh, and of course, check out their Insta feed for a daily dose of fashion and to stay updated on their sales and special announcements!

Don’t you just long for the weekend now?

It’s physically impossible to own too many crop tops, especially when they cost ¬£10 (or ¬£8 with my discount code!)

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Skinny Bunny Detox Tea Review

Hay gais! In 24 hours I’ll be headed back to KL and I’m super stoked! But I thought I’d squeeze in one more review before I get on my flight back home from London. Today I’ll be reviewing Skinny Bunny’s Detox tea!


For those of you who don’t know, Skinny Bunny is a brand that makes tea (and now bikinis) for the health (well, let’s be honest, weight) conscious. They have two kinds of Weight Loss teas (one for the morning and one for bedtime), and one Detox tea for night time use. They’re $15 each and come with a couple of free workout and diet guides as well, which are pretty handy IF you haven’t got a workout and diet plan for yourself, but for those who are serious about a healthier lifestyle I strongly suggest you come up with a more personalized plan. I’ve never been one to buy into¬†the hype about detox teas and the like, but a while ago I decided to give their Detox version a try.

Their Detox tea is a Tropical Chamomile flavor, as you can probably see on the tin. You can also get a Lemon flavor. They come in either 14-day ($15) or 28-day ($30) supplies and as mentioned on the site are meant to provide you with vitamins, antioxidants and immune system support. You can probably tell I’m not buying this, but maybe I’m just a super skeptic when it comes to miraculous quick fixes.


Upon opening the tin I was surprised with a very pleasant scent of tropical fruits — This tea is delightfully fragrant! I got the 14-day supply and the tea itself is packaged in 14 pretty little pyramid bags, however there were no strings attached to the bags for easy removal after infusion. Here’s a closer look at the bags.


Now this tea is meant to “detoxify” me. I haven’t yet come across any information as to what exactly I am meant to be detoxified of; as far as I’m concerned my liver and kidneys should have that kinda thing covered. But it smells pretty good so I’m gonna give it a go. Here are my pros and cons!


  • It smells great and doesn’t taste utterly horrible. In fact, it doesn’t taste bad at all; my boyfriend says it “tastes like earth” but the flavor is not unlike most teas. Unfortunately the fragrance doesn’t permeate through to the taste, but I’m happy with it overall since I have tried some pretty vile teas in the past.
  • It gives me awesome sleeps. I generally don’t sleep very well as it is, but Skinny Bunny’s Detox tea pretty much knocks me out after about 20 minutes¬†and I sleep pretty soundly through the¬†night! Which, if you’ve read my previous post, is a luxury I can’t always afford. This is a massive plus point for me!
  • The worldwide shipping is pretty quick and they have some pretty reasonable¬†bundle deals on their site, too.
  • The workout plan I got with my order was actually pretty inspiring, and lead me to learn about HIIT, a program which has become the core of all my workouts. However, without further research and a deeper understanding the guides themselves aren’t really that great.


  • It’s pretty damn pricey¬†guys. The only reason I keep buying this tea is because a full night’s sleep is a rarity and I’m very happy with the quality of sleep this tea provides.
  • I don’t feel detoxified and, since most detox teas are meant to help you lose weight, from this angle I can’t say it’s very effective. I know it doesn’t expressly say anywhere it will help you lose weight, but let’s be real, it’s called Skinny Bunny, not Clean Colon Bunny.

All in all not a terrible product, but if you sleep well on your own I don’t recommend Skinny Bunny. Even if you do want to experience better sleeps there are plenty of chamomile teas in the shops and if you’re looking to lose weight or live better, you’ll need to change your approach. Perhaps approach a treadmill or a salad… But that’s just me. Later taters!


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