Guess who’s back (back, back), Back again (-gain, gain)

Okay so let’s ignore acknowledge the fact that I totally just used lyrics by a known woman-hater who was famous in the 90s for being super edgy (because he hated women) as my blog title… Done. Acknowledged.

For the past few weeks I’ve been quite involved on Instagram with this lovely community of bloggers and it’s kinda made me want to blog again, but then I think about all the times I gave up blogging (literally on this particular blog I gave up about three times, and I’m gonna leave all my old cringey posts up to prove it) and was like “Um, never mind lol”. But what is it about blogging that made it so unsustainable for me? Was it constantly having to pretend I cared about other people’s Tarte Cosmetics reviews, was it constantly having to purchase dumb shit to review (we get it, bloggers, you have things), or maybe it was the fact that I knew, I knew the world was already over saturated with reviews, tutorials, DIYs, vlogs and all that other kind of content and I’m just contributing to something that’s been done to death by 50 million other people before me?

Probably, all of the above.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ve been trying to be someone else (and if you check out my last blog post before this one I think I was starting to realize that before I went “So long, gayboys!”) and it was just really draining and like, difficult? So you’re probably not gonna see a lot of marble textures and rose gold shit on this blog (no, that’s for my Instagram). From now on, I’m gonna project the real me – So I guess let’s just get right into it? Here are some fuccin facts or whatever 😋😋😋

  1. I like to draw. I sold my first painting when I was 11, but it’s probably not because it was a good painting – I think it’s because the buyer was literally my grandma. This then evolved to selling my art on a larger scale 10 years later when I was 21, but instead of pretty ink paintings of cat, I would sell custom porn drawings to people who were into shit so weird that you had to purchase custom porn or you wouldn’t find enough of it on the internet.
  2. I’m currently going off my meds! The first couple of weeks were intense – I was ready to murder just about anyone for anything ranging from breathing near me to breathing on me. Many people’s lives egos were sacrificed in the process. Especially that of this one dude at my uni who was in his final year and still didn’t know how to read a GANTT chart… No ragrats. However it’s been a while since the last time I did a drug, and I think it’s safe to say that the dark side is finally releasing its hold on me.
  3. I still run MoonlitCreatures! I’m so proud of this one because I don’t think I’ve committed to anything for this long – MC has been up and running for just about two years now and although it’s taken a back seat to my final year at uni, it’s still my pride and joy and I just know it’s gonna break my heart when I leave the UK and have to hand the reigns over to someone else! 😭😭
  4. So like I said, I’m moving back to KL in the summer! I seriously cannot wait. You know that episode of My Name Is Earl where Earl is in prison and he’s been given a creative writing assignment to write about something amazing? And while Earl is struggling, all his friends on the outside manage to come up with inspired fantasies about their lives and all Earl can write about is how he feels when he’s surrounded by his friends at the Crab Shack, drinking fresh cold beer and eating crispy crab cakes because friendship and freedom are the most magical things in life or whatever? That’s me right now. I don’t have any amazing adventures planned – But it makes my heart skip a beat to think that soon I’ll be able to drive my own damn self to McDonald’s at 2 in the morning, or lay in the sun with my pet lizard, or visit my grandparents for a home cooked meal at any time. Seriously I’m about to cry rn that all sounds amazing 😭😭
  5. In 2017 I made it my mission to take better care of my hair – I’ll let the results speak for themselves! First pic in 2015 when my hair was hellllllaaa damaged, second pic from last month 😋😋

Okay so I’m done here! I’m off to get ready for my acupuncture appointment because I’m like 8 thousand years old and everything hurts – What did I tell you? If you want to hear about skinny blonde chicks preparing to go to NYFW you’re in the wrong place – But stick around to find out if I cry when I pay some Chinese dudes to stab me with needles 😂😂😂

Later, taters 🍟🍟🍟


Just Banana Thoughts

I think I learned that I was different when I was maybe 16 or 17, and by then it was too late to turn back. One of my most defining moments was at one of my best friends’ birthday party, and I was SUPER PSYCHED to give her this bag that our other friends and I had secretly bought and customized with glitter glue, buttons and key chains. It was this lime green Wild Channel sling bag and those were super hot at the time and I think I had several of them myself, so yeah, ultra excited lmao. In classic Anna fashion I got the time and date wrong, but just in time managed to find out that the party was tonight, not tomorrow night, and in a completely uncharacteristic act of niceness my stepdad drove me to her house and I got there as everyone was presenting their gifts. I sat down on the floor next to the couch my BFF was sitting on and waited my turn.

Her boyfriend went first, and he had gotten her this gorgeous diamond necklace and earring set, which I suppose is the standard boyfriend gift. I think he was a bit older too, so I was like yeah, okay, it’s not like he’s hard on cash or anything. And then her other friends started giving her their gifts, and they were like watches and perfumes and designer clutches and after she opened like the fifth Guess handbag I was like “...Holy shit she’s getting all these amazing gifts and here I am with a canvas bag spattered in paint and glitter“. Here she was sitting on her gilded throne surrounded by Swarovski crystals and designer perfumes and I was about to give her a gift that looked like it was inspired by Shrek right in front of fuCKING EVERYONE.

Photo 33
Literally the most emo

I think that was when I realized I wasn’t quite like everyone else and it was also the
moment I started trying really hard to be like everyone else. It’s been a good many years since that day, and I do remember a handful of similar moments. Like the time I attended my own birthday party in a neon blue zebra striped tank top and a glittery pink tutu, only to discover everyone else was dressed normal so I got embarrassed and changed into something else, or the time I was set up on a blind friend date when I first went abroad for my studies and the girl I was supposed to meet had porcelain skin and silky brown hair and there I was waiting for her on the corner in combat boots and some kind of corset I had bought at Sungai Wang with bushy orange hair.

ACTUAL PHOTO of the embarrassing party top (it looked worse with the tutu).

In recent years I’ve been better at erasing those differences between me and other people, at least the physical ones. I’ve removed all my piercings and stopped dyeing my hair and I learned that there are other things I can do with makeup that do not involve smudging thick black sludge all over my eyelids. The newest installment in the Normalize Anna program is acrylic nails, which I quite like. I figured once I learned how to look the same, maybe the rest would follow.

I was so wrong lmao. My boyfriend keeps telling me he likes me because I’m different, he says he can’t put his finger on it but I’m nothing like other girls. Maybe it’s just a thing people like to say to each other, or maybe it’s because I do things like throw birthday parties for lizards, or get nightmares unless I watch murder documentaries before bed, or cry when I drop my pizza sub on the ground, or complain for days on end because Ant Man seems to change density every time he changes size, or got a tattoo that says KMA so that I can yell “KISS MY ASS” when anyone asks what it means.

But I think I’m finally ready to accept that I’m a Shrek backpack among a sea of Gucci clutches, or whatever it is people like to use as status symbols nowadays. I think it’s time for me to start being okay with being a Kiss My Ass tattoo in a world of bird silhouettes and meaningful lyrics. I think maybe one day soon it might be possible for it to be acceptable to be who I am, not to anyone else but to myself. Because the thing is, in all these stories nobody said anything about me being weird. Nobody antagonized me for having stringy striped hair or wearing glittery tulle tutus or looking and being awkward in general. It was always me, having a good time until I realized nobody else was exactly like me and for some reason that made me feel insecure. I want to be okay with that and I want to remind myself that just because I don’t belong wherever I happen to be at the time, it doesn’t mean that I don’t belong anywhere.


Airport Shopping at Heathrow!

Yay I’m back in KL after THE most relaxing flight ever due to having an entire row (and pretty much the whole plane) to myself! I arrived at Heathrow airport with ample time to spare before my flight, so I decided to do a bit of shopping.

First I stopped by at Boots to see they had tons of sales and package deals for their cosmetics so of course I dove right in! After much consideration I decided to get a Max Factor Lipfinity 24 Hour Lip Colour and the Colour Elixir Lip Liner in a matching shade!


Lipfinity comes in a set that includes the actual lip colour, in a shade called Spiritual (this pleases me), and a suuuper buttery balm that seals in moisture as the colour is a matte, which is known to be pretty drying. The liquid lip colour smells delish and true to its name, stays on all day and night until I take it off! There are still traces of the original swatch I took from the tester product on my arm that I never bothered to actually remove with makeup remover, and it’s been like four days since I tried it! I’m pretty impressed!


These two combined came up to a total of $15.99, which made me eligible for a Bright Eyed Glamour box set worth $33! Inside were 3 full sized (Not tester sized but FULL SIZED!) products: The Max Factor Eye Luminizer in Light/Medium, Colour Elixir Gloss in Glossy Toffee and the Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara in Waterproof black. ABSOLUTE JACKPOT YOU GUYS.


ALL these products are gonna get a ton of use from me, I haven’t tried the mascara or the gloss yet but I’m loving the Eye Luminizer! It’s a perfect match for my skin tone and makes my skin super silky and smooth, I don’t even have to use a primer anymore for my eye makeup! Completely in love with my purchases and winnings haha.

Next up I headed over to Victoria’s Secret, where a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal was going on! Obviously I couldn’t miss this opportunity even though I have never shopped at VS all my life (I’m more of a LaSenza girl tbh). After checking out the selection of glosses, body sprays and various balms and lotions eligible for the sale, I decided to get two Warm & Cozy body mists and a Beauty Rush gloss in Mocktail Hour.


Why did I get two of the same thing? BECAUSE THESE MISTS SMELL GATDAM DELICIOUS. They smell like warm vanilla cookies and anything that smells like COOKIES I must have at least two! My Beauty Rush gloss was more of a “oml that’s so pretty” kinda purchase, because who doesn’t want sparkly lip gloss with a metallic lip keychain attached?! I haven’t actually tried or even opened the gloss yet, and to be completely honest it’s probably gonna end up one of those items I just keep in my bag because it’s cute and glittery and not much else (a lot like the stacking Sephora lip glosses Marie “lent” me literally a year ago ewps), but I regret absolutely nothing.


So there’s my mini beauty haul from Heathrow Airport! I’m actually looking forward to going back there to see what other deals are on!

Insta Store Hacks!

EDIT// This post was actually meant to have published months ago, but it didn’t lol so I’m posting it now!

So I’ve been running Moonlit Creatures on Instagram for about a month or so, and although my store hasn’t been around long it’s been super rewarding. I pull in about 100 engaged followers daily and make sales on the regular (although I do expect more in the future). A few friends of mine are thinking of opening their own stores and have contacted me asking for advice or a collaboration, so I’ve decided to put together this article combining my experience in design and marketing in hopes it will help!

Name your products, such as the Sweetheart Collection, or the Death Shriek Collection, whatever floats your goat.
First of all — Sourcing your products

Once you’ve decided what you want to sell, have a look online for wholesalers. You can find bulk deals and job lots on eBay, which is what I do half the time when it comes to purchasing the materials for my jewelry. I highly recommend dealing with only one source at a time, making your orders easier to track, saving on shipping and ensuring they all arrive at the same time and you can open shop right away with a bunch of items instead of just like, 3 things.

Location, location, location!

There are several places you can list your items. Personally I prefer a hosting site such as Wix, Tictail, Etsy, etc. You can try eBay or Amazon, but it looks a lot more professional if you have your own store.



Let’s just say you came across this list of Insta shops. Do you feel compelled to click on any of them?

  • @uniqueee_shop1347
  • @i_LuV_sH0pP1ng_
  • @54.c00l_stuff.82

Keep numbers, underscores and full stops to a minimum. I know you’re tempted to use special characters to change up a handle that’s already been taken, but there are a couple issues with that. First off, how is a customer supposed to remember who tf you are when your username has more numbers than you have followers smh. Secondly – Having a ton of special characters in your user kinda looks like you didn’t really try. It looks like you just went with the first thing you could think of and added a bunch of underscores until “username already exists” stops showing up next to the text field. Pls guys. First impressions and whatnot.

Insta Aesthetics

This is just me, but I like to play it safe by using the same background and decor because this guarantees a clean, clear cut theme. Compare the two samples below:

A screenshot from my store, Moonlit Creatures

A screenshot from, let’s say, @_nIce_th1nGzZ_sh0P_
Need I say more? Your products may be fucking stellar — but if you don’t showcase them in a good light, they’re not gonna sell. Here are some tips I like to keep in mind when shooting my products (on my phone I might add – you don’t need a fancy camera):

  • Use a nice background in your photos. A chopping board makes a beautiful wooden backdrop, or you could purchase some glitter paper for a sparkly finish or even sandpaper and some shells for a beachy theme.
  • Daylight. DAYLIGHT. Why? Because fluorescent lighting isn’t exactly flattering b.
  • Please use the sAMe GOSH DANG filters on all your pics! Look at the second photo above. Look at the mess of filters. It hurt me to make that collage. I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell you why using the same filter on all your photos is gonna be beneficial to your store.

My Peacock Druzy Rings are loving dat natural sunlight!
And here are just a few more tips and tricks!

  • Hashtag the FUCK out of your pics. I know it looks kinda try-hard, but you can rope in at least one or two likes per hashtag (if not more) and Instagram allows up to 30. Don’t just use generic tags such as #instagood #potd #love, take the time to type up a list of specific tags and save them on your phone so you can access them every time you post.
  • Follow like, SO many people. I know I’m starting to sound sell-outy rn but hey, you can sit there with your 6 followers or you can get your thumb out of your butt and use it to find people who might be interested in your store. Apps like Crowdfire are super helpful in enabling you to both follow similar users AND unfollow the basic bitches who unfollowed you.
  • Giveaways and promoter searches can be useful in gaining exposure. However, wait until you have at least 500 or so followers beforehand, otherwise you’ll end up with like 2 entries and o exposure. What you can do, however, is contact someone with a few thousand followers and ask them if they’d like to receive an item from your store in exchange for some shoutouts.

So that’s about it I think! All I have to offer now are my design skillz (email me at if you’d like a logo or avatar or header or whatever) and also my social influence (I’m surayanna on Instagram so hmu if you want me to promote your stuff!). You can also shoot me a DM at my Moonlit Creatures insta account to purchase super cheap ad slots! I just wanna end with a little disclaimer – You can have a successful store without following my guidelines. It’s probably gonna take a bit longer and be a bit harder, but it’s possible. Hopefully some of you find this article helpful though, so thanks for reading aaaaand you can take 10% off your entire order at Moonlit Creatures when you enter the code CREATURES at checkout (; Did I mention you should put up some discount codes? Put up some discount codes. Give back to the peoples. Later taters!

Where I’m At

Hay gais!

So I’ve been super busy moving in and starting my second semester at uni, and now before I knew it I’m already closer to the end of the semester than the start! I’d like to say it’s been super eventful and a ton of fun, but it’s been pretty quiet around here lately especially since I’ve moved to a much nicer part of town (probably the nicest part of town where all the hotels and casinos are!). I had a few ups and downs returning to London from KL and experienced what is described as Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD lmao) which is basically a bout of depression that tends to hit in the winter months due to seasonal factors such as shortening daylight hours and whatever else. I was actually super down the past month or so since I got back from warm and sunny KL, which seems about normal when I read up on the symptoms… Anyways I feel a lot better now that I actually know what was wrong with me, because initially I thought it was actual depression coming back (I was afflicted with a pretty serious case of depression many years ago and I barely made it out alive) and it just made me feel scared and helpless because of how fucking terrible it was the first time. Luckily there are a few things that can help with SAD, such as daylight therapy lamps that basically shine a super bright light meant to emulate daylight and it’s supposed to trick your hormones into forgetting everything is cold and grey and yucky!

To be fair though, it hasn’t been all that cold and grey and yucky and now that I’m living on the 10th floor I get a fair amount of sunlight even on the days I just lounge around in bed all day hehe. There’s also an awesome little gym on the ground floor which I LOVE, and now I’m hellbent on losing those last few kilos on my road to 45kg (which, I’ll say it again, is a perfectly healthy and normal weight for my height).

What else is new… Oh yeah, I started an online shop called Moonlit Creatures! Caution, this shop is for cute witches and bad bitches ONLY, but feel free to clicky click if you aspire to be at least one of those things. I’ve been having fun making jewelry and although it’s only been open a couple of weeks, I’ve already received nearly 200 likes on the Facebook page, 2300+ followers on Instagram (and counting — I gain about 700 followers a week!) and generated a fair number of local and international sales despite January being the absolute worst month for shopping! So I’m feeling very positive and optimistic!

Here are a few of my fave items from the store!





Making jewelry has been super soothing for me and helps keep me calm, plus I’ve always enjoyed running online stores and it’s probably gonna be good for my CV! I have a lot of time on my hands anyways seeing as I only go to uni a couple times a week because apparently its a thing to pay £11,000 for eight days or learning per month… Anyways. All in all I’m feeling slightly more positive about things than I was like a week ago and I’m quite sure things will start looking even better once the weather warms up a bit PLUS I’m looking forward to my visit back home (again) next month! Let’s just hope I don’t turn up so hard I end up in hospital again!

So that’s about it for now, but you know I never like to end a blog post without giving you guys a little somethin’ somethin’ for reading! So today I’m giving you 10% off Moonlit Creatures when you enter the code CREATURES at checkout! Don’t forget to like and follow on Instagram (@moonlitcreatures) and Facebook (Moonlit Creatures) for more exclusive discount codes and flash sales! Worldwide shipping is flat rate (£3.75) and UK shipping is completely free! You also get free worldwide shipping and a freebie with every £15 purchase because that’s just how cool I am. And now it’s time for me to get back to my fluffy duvet and binge watch Ghost Hunters until I fall asleep. Bye betches!

My Neighbour Omfg…

I don’t even know where to start with this one, so I’ll try and start from the beginning. None of my friends even know the whole story yet because this is so FUCKING LONG, so here it is gais!

Basically I moved into Wenlock Court about 3 months ago and this bitch moved in next door around the same time. Right from the start she was making noise at night, screaming with her friends and slamming every single door within reach. This would keep me up until 4 or 5 in the morning… Not ideal. So I started calling security on her and lodging complaints at the main reception.

I think she had like 5 or 6 complaints and reports against her within the first month. She made absolutely no effort to keep it down whatsoever to the point where I now know every single mundane detail of her life because I can hear every single conversation. At one point she was even involved in a terrifying physical altercation with another girl in her room and I could hear beating and screaming sounds. One night I called security as usual, and she and her friends were caught smoking weed. I thought for sure that would be the end of it, but she was issued a £500 fine and nothing else was done to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the room I had already paid for, a year in advance. I am NOT a happy customer.

Let me just say that I have trouble sleeping. I always have. If I’m woken up even once that’s it… No more sleep for me. Her keeping me up at night means I get 3-4 hours a sleep per night, and I literally have not had ONE full night of sleep since I moved in. Not one. Just let that sink in for a minute. Imagine having one night of shitty sleep and how that affects your entire day. Multiply that by roughly 90.

Anyway, one night I woke up at around 5am because her friends were banging on her door for like 10 minutes straight, so I opened my door and was like “Hey guys could you maybe keep it down (:” and this MASSIVE SEA MAMMAL started stomping towards me yelling at me asking why I was complaining and what my problem was (I thought I had made my problem pretty clear, but these people are DENSE AS FUCK) and then interrogated me as to what my name was, what I was studying etc all the while trying to shove her way into my room. I tried to close the door on her and she pushed it open and continued to abuse me until someone else pulled her away.

Obviously the following night was noisy as well. So I called security for what seemed to be the millionth time. They weren’t very happy about that, and started banging on my door screaming at me and basically abusing me because they couldn’t comprehend why someone would call security on such nice reasonable people. The security guard was completely useless and did nothing to help me, not even when they demanded he use his master key to open my door.

This was about 3 weeks ago. Since then I contacted the student halls manager, the student adjudication team from the uni and the duty manager regarding my situation and it’s taking them forever to deal with it. Apparently this is because it’s part of a “wider investigation” and I’m not the only person complaining about her so they’re trying to compile all the complaints I guess.

Anyway. Last week she basically LOST. HER. W H O L E. SHIT.

At around 9 in the evening I was on Skype with Marie when all of a sudden my neighbour and her friends exploded out of her room and literally started shrieking down the hallway, banging on all the doors and freaking the FUCK OUT because someone (me hehe) had left a  note earlier about them being too primitive to know how to operate a door. A couple of people opened their doors to them but shut them immediately when they found a herd of fucking walruses outside in bath robes. I knew they only wanted to get to me though, but I called security instead and meanwhile recorded their hysterical screaming on my phone. Security arrived about 30 seconds later and my neighbour immediately honed in on him, all like “Omg you need to open her door NOW, she’s PASSED OUT in there WE NEED TO SAVE HER LAWD HAVE MERCY” and the security guard, acting on impulse, opened my door and she just BARGED RIGHT IN and I was like “Bitch wtf??”. When the guard heard me he pushed her aside to get to me first and I demanded to know what was going on. Fatty was all “Omg I was so worried about you, I thought you had passed out in there are you okay omg” I was just like “Really.” and played back the recording of her trying to break my door down from just 5 seconds before. Her face pretty much went white and she just turned away and walked off.

Can I just? How the fuck would you know if someone has passed out in ANOTHER ROOM? ALSO I was speaking on Skype and you can hear me talking through the door. 10000% LIE and she had to pick the stupidest lie in the world to gain illegal access to my room.

Anyway, I was escorted to emergency accommodation IN ANOTHER BUILDING because they feared for my safety, I called the cops who came the next day (they found her and a guy smoking weed in her room) and yesterday I got a call from Jon (the guy from uni who is handling my case) being vaguely cryptic, saying he couldn’t give me too much information but “the thing we really want to happen is happening this evening, you shouldn’t have to suffer like this anymore after tonight”. I’m really hoping this means she’s getting evicted or even expelled from uni.

I haven’t heard from anyone since yesterday so I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what’s happening to her, but she’s in there right now banging and slamming about more than usual so I’m hoping she’s packing her drug abuse paraphernalia and getting the fuck out of here very soon *cry-laughing emoji*