Guess who’s back (back, back), Back again (-gain, gain)

Okay so let’s ignore acknowledge the fact that I totally just used lyrics by a known woman-hater who was famous in the 90s for being super edgy (because he hated women) as my blog title… Done. Acknowledged.

For the past few weeks I’ve been quite involved on Instagram with this lovely community of bloggers and it’s kinda made me want to blog again, but then I think about all the times I gave up blogging (literally on this particular blog I gave up about three times, and I’m gonna leave all my old cringey posts up to prove it) and was like “Um, never mind lol”. But what is it about blogging that made it so unsustainable for me? Was it constantly having to pretend I cared about other people’s Tarte Cosmetics reviews, was it constantly having to purchase dumb shit to review (we get it, bloggers, you have things), or maybe it was the fact that I knew, I knew the world was already over saturated with reviews, tutorials, DIYs, vlogs and all that other kind of content and I’m just contributing to something that’s been done to death by 50 million other people before me?

Probably, all of the above.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ve been trying to be someone else (and if you check out my last blog post before this one I think I was starting to realize that before I went “So long, gayboys!”) and it was just really draining and like, difficult? So you’re probably not gonna see a lot of marble textures and rose gold shit on this blog (no, that’s for my Instagram). From now on, I’m gonna project the real me – So I guess let’s just get right into it? Here are some fuccin facts or whatever 😋😋😋

  1. I like to draw. I sold my first painting when I was 11, but it’s probably not because it was a good painting – I think it’s because the buyer was literally my grandma. This then evolved to selling my art on a larger scale 10 years later when I was 21, but instead of pretty ink paintings of cat, I would sell custom porn drawings to people who were into shit so weird that you had to purchase custom porn or you wouldn’t find enough of it on the internet.
  2. I’m currently going off my meds! The first couple of weeks were intense – I was ready to murder just about anyone for anything ranging from breathing near me to breathing on me. Many people’s lives egos were sacrificed in the process. Especially that of this one dude at my uni who was in his final year and still didn’t know how to read a GANTT chart… No ragrats. However it’s been a while since the last time I did a drug, and I think it’s safe to say that the dark side is finally releasing its hold on me.
  3. I still run MoonlitCreatures! I’m so proud of this one because I don’t think I’ve committed to anything for this long – MC has been up and running for just about two years now and although it’s taken a back seat to my final year at uni, it’s still my pride and joy and I just know it’s gonna break my heart when I leave the UK and have to hand the reigns over to someone else! 😭😭
  4. So like I said, I’m moving back to KL in the summer! I seriously cannot wait. You know that episode of My Name Is Earl where Earl is in prison and he’s been given a creative writing assignment to write about something amazing? And while Earl is struggling, all his friends on the outside manage to come up with inspired fantasies about their lives and all Earl can write about is how he feels when he’s surrounded by his friends at the Crab Shack, drinking fresh cold beer and eating crispy crab cakes because friendship and freedom are the most magical things in life or whatever? That’s me right now. I don’t have any amazing adventures planned – But it makes my heart skip a beat to think that soon I’ll be able to drive my own damn self to McDonald’s at 2 in the morning, or lay in the sun with my pet lizard, or visit my grandparents for a home cooked meal at any time. Seriously I’m about to cry rn that all sounds amazing 😭😭
  5. In 2017 I made it my mission to take better care of my hair – I’ll let the results speak for themselves! First pic in 2015 when my hair was hellllllaaa damaged, second pic from last month 😋😋

Okay so I’m done here! I’m off to get ready for my acupuncture appointment because I’m like 8 thousand years old and everything hurts – What did I tell you? If you want to hear about skinny blonde chicks preparing to go to NYFW you’re in the wrong place – But stick around to find out if I cry when I pay some Chinese dudes to stab me with needles 😂😂😂

Later, taters 🍟🍟🍟