DOES IT WERK? | Sunkissed Rapid Tan Mousse

So summer is coming up, and while pretty much everyone I know is manically working out at the gym in the hopes of miraculously achieving the ideal BMI 21 frame, I’m over here stocking up on tanning products because the last time I went back to KL one of Maries uncles was like “Wah Anna so fair now ah?” Tbh I don’t actually know what he said exactly cos I wasn’t there, but it pretty much destroyed my soul because despite my natural inclination to retain fair skin I’m not particularly fond of the “pale in the summer” look. So I was at Body Care perusing their impressive range of self tanning products and eventually settled on Sunkissed’s Rapid Tan mousse, because 1. I know literally nothing about tanning products and wanted to get a brand I was familiar with (I use their bronzer on the regular) and 2. It had a 2015 Beauty Awards Gold Winner sticker on it. I don’t know what this means and it doesn’t say WHICH beauty award, so I’m just gonna assume Beauty Awards is its own thing. ANYWAY. I also got a Velvotan applicator mitt, mostly (okay, solely) because it was pink and had pretty flamingos on it AND had gold shiny lettering. SUPER PRETTY.

I’ve already ripped the wrapping off the tanning mitt and used it once yesterday, though. Only after that did it occur to me to document this momentous occasion. But it cleans up very easily in just water and soap so I’m pretty happy with it! The mousse smells AWESOME, kinda coconutty and Shea buttery plus it’s also meant to have vitamin E and Aloe Vera somewhere in the mix too, which are, as you know, good for the skin and whatnot. Look how fluffy the mousse is tho!

I thought I’d have to stand with my hands and legs apart for the next hour or so, but it actually dries in seconds and darkens upon contact too. It was a bit messy yesterday because I was totally inexperienced and I spent like an hour applying it all over my body, but today I probably took only 15 minutes or so. I was actually able to reach my back too, so if you’re flexible you probably won’t need to ask for assistance. ย EXPERT ADVICE: don’t get this stuff up your butt. I did that yesterday and now my various nooks and crannies are a kind of colour I’d like to describe as… Let’s go with burnt sienna. I’d also like to take the opportunity to say it’s best to have a totally smooth, exfoliated face before you do this, because today I have random dry patches on my nose and around my mouth and it’s looking kinda grody cos the mousse is trapped under the skin. I’m actually not too worried about patchiness though, because ย I got the Medium tone (I assume Light and Dark are also available options) ย and the reason I’m doing this again today after already having applied one layer yesterday, is because after washing it actually leaves a very subtle, very realistic shade only slightly darker than your actual colour. So it’s totally okay if you mess up, it washes off instantly as well and there’s plenty in the 150ml bottle for multiple applications!

Shade comparison on my unfinished leg!

You can see the shade difference here – it’s important to note that the colour you’re at during application is sadly not the colour you will be after a shower! On the plus side though, and I love this part, after just one application my skin tone looked so much more even and smooth compared to before! You can see the colour on the mitt is a lot darker than the dollop of mousse I posted a photo of earlier, as the colour darkens after a few seconds of exposure.

So here’s what I look like before and after application:



I mean I’m pretty damn happy with the results! This stuff also washes off super easily in the shower and doesn’t stain your clothes or towels. And like I said, it dried in seconds so you can put a towel down and relax for about an hour while it develops. Overall I’ll give it a 8/10 because it smells delish, is relatively easy to apply even for a noob and does what it says on the bottle! As for the cons, well it doesn’t say exactly how long it’s meant to last and it’s kinda annoying that I had to use two layers and wait an hour for each application but maybe the Dark variation may have been more suitable! Either way, would defo buy again! Here’s a picture I took previously of part of my Body Care haul, and you can see the pretty Velvotan packaging in the background!


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